Beastie Respond Jumps The Q

“… I never set out to achieve something particular. I was listening to lots of electronic music when I first started writing my own, and for completely selfish reasons I wanted to create something that I enjoy myself. Something I felt was missing. I still feel like that. That and the acknowledgement I get for my work is what keeps me going. Career-wise I take it as it comes. I don’t want to change anything in my music to put myself in a better financial situation … ” – Beastie Respond reflecting on the beginning of his musical career

Beastie Respond

Beastie Respond

The next guest featuring in the blog’s Jump The Q series, sharing some interesting and funny personal trivia, is Danish producer Tobias Pedersen aka Beastie Respond. After taking a short break from writing music, re-inventing his sound and developing his studio techniques, Tobias re-emerged recently ever so creative with the “Back To The Future EP“; a throwback to 80’s aesthetics and nostalgia, with a modern twist. Artist profile and biography, discography highlights, extensive review of his latest EP, as well as social media links are available in the section right after the Q&A.

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