Count To Ten: Nymfo

A prolific drum and bass artist and a dexterous dj, with bookings all around the globe, Nymfo is the recording alias of Bardo Camp. Hailing from Netherlands and currently based in Amsterdam, Nymfo has been creating serious waves in the international drum and bass scene, since his inaugural release in 2007. Fast forward to 2013, Nymfo has cemented his reputation as an innovative and versatile producer, covering a wide range in the drum and bass spectrum.  With numerous production outputs under his belt, on some of the most prominent drum and bass labels, as well as dj sets at the world’s most prestigious venues, the future seems ever brighter.

To the time of writing, Nymfo has released to critical acclaim around thirty singles working solo or in groups, one personal album and a significant number of his tracks have featured in various compilations and mixes along the years. With a production style, at first synonymous with infectious, techno-driven dance floor smashers, Nymfo soon showcased versatility qualities, pushing the boundaries even further. His tracks have been in high demand and supported by the biggest names across the scene, receiving triumphant reviews by the fans and press alike.

The early days:

Red Zone
Red Zone

Nymfo’s emergence in the worldwide proceedings has not been meteoric however. A mastermind, resident dj and organizer of two of the major events in Netherlands (Red Zone alongside Martyn and Breek in Eindhoven), which attracted some of the major names of the scene, as well being voted twice as best “Dj of the Year” in Netherlands in 2005 and 2007 respectively, Bardo Camp has moved from djing at his own events to headlining shows around Europe and the rest of the world.

Having built a reputation to live up to as a dj, his first breakthrough in production came in 2007 with the help of fellow-Dutch producer Icicle. In his own words:

“I started as a DJ when I was 14, but soon after that I started to promote as well. I liked this from day one already. I wanted to produce, but was very lazy most of the time. After I met Icicle, the producing part was getting more interesting for me. He gave me lots of tips and tricks, so it was easier for me to start.”

Calligraphy ep
Calligraphy EP

Their first collaborative works were readily picked up by Renegade Recordings, Andy C’s seminal Ram Records, Friction’s SGN:LTD and Kasra’s Critical Recordings, establishing Nymfo as one of the most talented and promising up-and-coming producers to watch, paving the way for greater things to follow.

Moving forward:

The great momentum carried on the following years, with Nymfo ever so prolific recording a string of releases for an extended list of record labels. The pivotal point to acclaim came in 2010, when Bardo, continuing the synergy with Critical Recordings, released a 10” single for the bespoke Critical Music sub-label Modulations and joined the Commercial Suicide and Samurai Music eclectic collectives.


Joining Commercial Suicide proved catalytic as, in the next three years, Nymfo recorded in various formats 3 singles, one ep entitled Double Dutch, as well as his first personal album Characters for Klute’s label, showcasing a wide array of influences, experimenting with various tempos.

In the meantime, Bardo Camp had also recorded for Inneractive Music, Project 51, Ant TC1’s Dispatch, Vampire, State Of Mind Music, Marky’s Innerground and Total Science’s C.I.A. offshoots Deep Kut and CIA UK.

Collaborations and credits:

Nymfo has collaborated over the years with fellow-Dutch producers Icicle, Proxima, Black Sun Empire and June Miller, as well as with Cern, Menace, State Of Mind and most recently Maduk. Nymfo’s solo and joint productions have been released on the following labels:

Metalheadz, Critical Recordings, 31 Records, Shogun Audio, Commercial Suicide, C.I.A., Ram Records, Samurai Music, Dispatch Recordings, Crunch, Inneractive, Vampire, Innerground, Project 51, Allsorts, SOM Music, Black Sun Empire, Cyanide, Counterstrike, Radar and Demand.

All Sounds Electric Two
All Sounds Electric Two

His tracks have featured in numerous acclaimed mixes and compilations including City Of Life on Crunch Recordings, Andy C’s Nightlife 4, Shogun Assassins compiled and mixed by Friction, Calligraphy on Renegade Recordings mixed by himself and Icicle, Black Sun Empire’s From The Shadows, on two Fabriclive installments (Fabriclive.55 by Marky and Fabriclive.70 by Friction), Commercial Suicide Is Painless vol 1 compiled and mixed by Klute, All Sounds Electric Two compiled by Kasra, Once Bitten, Twice High and Drumz Of The Damned compiled by Phil Aslett of Source Direct and Way Of The Samurai: Code Of Honour compiled by Presha, among many others. Last but not least, Nymfo’s tracks have been included into various editions of the ATM and Knowledge magazines respectively.

SOM - Nil By Ear
Nil By Ear

Nymfo has also engaged into remixing duties with great success and has been credited with remixes for various artists including the likes of State Of Mind, Ultrasonic 7, Lost Sequence & Codeshaper and Yellow Claw. Recently, to celebrate his birthday in June, Bardo gave away via his Facebook page an exceptional bootleg of Disclosure’s You & Me (Fume remix).


Despite his experience promoting his own events, Nymfo remains keener than ever to reach new places and take his music further:

“A 100% dnb crowd is wicked of course. But there are lots of people that don’t know the genre – that’s why I like it to play a party with a mixed up crowd and hope to convert some people to the lovely music that is dnb”.

Count To Ten
Count To Ten

The plethora of Nymfo’s quality releases makes it really hard to pick out only 10 tracks. Intentionally, all his collaborations have been left out, in an effort to focus on his solo career as a producer. With unique criterion my own musical taste and in strict chronological order, ten of Nymfo’s finest moments are demonstrated below:

  1. Nymfo Cybernetic Disorder (V/A, All Sounds Electric Two, Critical Recordings, CRITCD02, 2008)
  2. NymfoMagnetic Field (b/w Space Tourist, C.I.A., CIA048, 2009)
  3. Nymfo Social Isolation (b/w Robocall, 31 Records, 31R041, 2009)
  4. Nymfo Trying To Forget (b/w Autonomous Robot, Modulations, MODULE004, 2010)
  5. Nymfo Matchstick (b/w Bionic Fingers, Commercial Suicide, SUICIDE050, 2010)
  6. Nymfo Blue Velvet (Double Dutch ep, Commercial Suicide, SUICIDE057D, 2011)
  7. Nymfo Conscious Minds (V/A, Genesis ep part 3, Metalheadz, METH096, 2011)
  8. Nymfo Brain Stimulation (Characters LP, Commercial Suicide, SUICIDECD011, 2012)
  9. Nymfo Floating Point (b/w Borderline & Subtension – Reaction, Samurai Music, NZ020, 2012)
  10. NymfoWhenever You Need Me (b/w On A Chase, C.I.A., CIAUK006, 2013)

A highly interesting mini interview with Bardo Camp sharing some personal trivia for the blog is available following the link below:

Nymfo 2

Nymfo Jumps The Q

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