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Harris (Funxion, I Got Bass) Jumps the Q

A mini-interview with 22 short questions (some personal, some tricky) looking for equally short answers, addressed to artists, producers, promoters, djs, friends and affiliates of the blog in general.

Today’s guest is one of the original Greek bass soldiers, active for more than two decades in the domestic and international proceedings, sharing some personal trivia with the blog. A short bio and relative links can be found below the Q&A.

 Harris (Funxion, I Got Bass) Jumps the Q
Harris Funxion

Harris Funxion

Let’s get started:

Set 1: The man behind the mask

Q1: Favourite travel destination?

A1: India,Thailand,Vietnam

Q2: Favourite dish?

A2: Chicken Curry Thai style

Q3: Favourite drink?

A3: Not much of a drinker, but I’ll say homemade Cretan tsipouro

Q4: Dream car?

A4: Not into cars; I prefer bikes, so my dream bike is a Buell Street Fighter V-twin 1200 cc 

Q5: Favourite movie?

A5: Delicatessen

Q6: Favourite sports team – domestic and international?

A6: Not into spending time for teams etc. I enjoy watching F1 and WRC

Q7: Favourite pair of trainers?

A7: Adidas Superstar

Q8: Feared but not respected, or respected but not accepted?

A8: Respected but not accepted

Set 2: The man behind a set of decks

Q9: First record you bought?

A9: Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks

Q10: Most valuable record you own (sentimental value not financial)?

A10: The Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much to Dream

Q11: Favourite piece of music equipment?

A11: My vintage KORG PSS-50, given to me as a present when i was 12 years old, still using it

Q12: Favourite track (non genre-specific)?

A12: Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

Q13: Favourite label?

A13: Neosignal

Q14: Favourite dj/artist/producer?

A14: Spooky Bizzle, Ed Rush & Optical, Kemal

Q15: Track you wish it was yours?

A15: Konflict – Messiah

Q16: Vinyl or digital?

A16: It’s just a format, so whatever makes you happy.

Set 3: The man behind the scenes

Q17: Favourite venue worldwide you have ever attended?

A17: 1988, Spectrum nights in London. Also the A.W.O.L era at Paradise.

Q18: Best live performance/dj set you have ever witnessed?

A18: That will be Kraftwerk at Tribal Gathering 1997.

Q19: Worst live performance/dj set you have ever witnessed?

A19: I’m very conscious regarding the nights I’m attending. If I’m not there, that means it is not something I feel.

Q20: Dream line-up for a festival (5 names)?

A20: In random order: Francois Kevorkian, Kevin Saunderson, Laurent Garnier, Carl Graig, Rrose, Canblaster.

Q21: If you had a magic eraser who would you extinguish from the musical map?

A21: Live and let live.

Q22: Future plans?

A22: To stay fly, fresh and healthy.

Short Biography:

I Got Bass

I Got Bass

Name: Harris

Aliases: [Weedfreak, Hypoxia, Mzungu, HRRS]

Harris is a pioneer of the breakbeat and drum n bass scene in Greece. He started djing around 1987 and along the years he has appeared in a plethora of key clubs and party nights such as Faz, Alsos, Amazon, +Soda, Tessera, Alarm, Ergostasio, Aerodromio, Mad Club, Camel Club, G Point, City Groove, Bossa Nostra, Zoo, Bios, K44, Loop, One Happy Cloud, Earth Bar, Wild Rose, Amfiteatro, Luv, Hard Rock Cafe, Loud, House of Art, Rodon, Bug, to name just a few. He has been a resident Dj at the famous Jungle and Sunrise Zone club nights kick-starting his glorious career as a dj and has performed alongside many major djs of the international scene. He has also collaborated with Red Bull and Marlboro Music at various gigs around Greece.

Back in the 90s, he has also worked at Slo-Mo Records in Athens and has been the co-owner of the Discosmic record store. Harris is an owner of a huge vinyl collection and a music-savvy of almost every genre of electronic music. In 2001 Harris joined the Funxion collective.

During two decades of non-stop action he has had bookings in Brighton, London, Zürich, Hamburg and Sofia. In addition, he has been included in the line-up of big festivals like Synch (GR) and Open Air Festival (BG).

His sets have been described as a mixture of raw, hard dancefloor material with tripping sounds. He currently hosts a 2hour web radio show entitled I Got Bass every Friday at 21:00 (GMT+2) on Viasound radio Greece, showcasing a fine blend of cutting edge electronic music, shifting through genres and tempos; from techno and dubstep to drum and bass.








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