Voyager Jumps The Q

A mini-interview with 22 short questions (some personal, some tricky) looking for equally short answers, addressed to artists, producers, promoters, djs, friends and affiliates of the blog in general.

Today Voyager Jumps The Q

Let’s get started:

Set 1: The man behind the mask

Q1: Favourite travel destination?

A1: A little town called “Fowey” on the South Coast of Cornwall

Q2: Favourite dish?

A2: Thai Green Curry or homemade Sheppard’s Pie

Q3: Favourite drink?

A3: Wrey + Nephew and Coke or Hennessey XO cognac

Q4: Dream car?

A4: An old classic Jaguar 340

Q5: Favourite movie?

A5: Blade Runner/Star Wars (originals only)/Alien/Carlito’s Way/Romeo is Bleeding (another long list potential)

Q6: Favourite sports team – domestic and international?

A6: Tottenham/Red Star Belgrade

Q7: Favourite pair of trainers?

A7: Vans

Q8: Feared but not respected, or respected but not accepted?

A8: Definitely respected but not accepted

Set 2: The man behind a set of decks

Q9: First record you bought?

A9: Message in a Bottle – The Police (7” green vinyl)

Q10: Most valuable record you own (sentimental value not financial)?

A10: The Man from Planet Jazz by Buddy Rich (Produced by my dad, Jimmy Parsons)

Q11: Favourite piece of musical equipment?

A11: My 9 piece Tobacco Sunburst Rodgers XP8 drum kit with full set of hi shimmer Sabian cymbals.

Q12: Favourite track (non genre-specific)?

A12: Blade Runner Blues, Comfortably Numb, Flamenco Sketches….

Q13: Favourite label?

A13: Blue Note

Q14: Favourite dj/artist/producer?

A14: Bukem / Massive Attack / Liam Howlett (to name a few)

Q15: Track you wish it was yours?

A15:DnB …Odyssey – Expressions….Seba – So Long ….another long list!

Q16: Vinyl or digital?

A16: Digital, cos in theory I could turn up at a gig with headphones and my iPhone and play a set off the DJ app. Vinyl, cos nothing sounds as authentic and warm as an old crackly record.

Set 3: The man behind the scenes

Q17: Favourite venue worldwide you have ever attended?

A17: It’s gone now, but the Mars Bar in London where the early club nights of Speed were held. It wasn’t anything special, but the good times and vibes were unbeatable.

Q18: Best live performance/dj set you have ever witnessed?

A18: Masters at Work DJ set in London in late 90’s sometime….smashed it! Kevin Saunderson in a low ceiling dank sweaty club in Shoreditch, late 90’s…..killed it!

Q19: Worst live performance/dj set you have ever witnessed?

A19: Not that it was the worst thing I ever heard, but definitely one of the most odd. It was a set by Squarepusher at Glade a good few years back, I just stood there trying to understand what he was doing, and desperately trying to catch a beat or a groove to hook into but failing miserably. He def has some mad skills and attention to detail in his productions, but I just couldn’t dance to it, just scratched my chin for a while and then had a dance in the breaks tent.

Q20: Dream line-up for a festival (5 names)?

A20:Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, James Brown, Jimmy Hendrix to close.

Q21: If you had a magic eraser who would you extinguish from the musical map?

A21: ... Madonna,, Enrique “tonight I’m f**king you” Iglesias, Simon Cowel, Jason Derulo, Beyonce, Rihanna, anything EDM, David Guetta……..this list could go on and on and on….

Q22: Future plans?


  • 2D33P album for 2013 is def in the pipeline
  • Hooking up with some new artists/producers for collaborations and remixes.
  • Working with some new bands/artists in different styles and genres
  • Playing more drums and live instruments
  • Signing and linking new artists/producers/singers/songwriters for LBZ Music

Who is Voyager, bio, extended discography and links can be found here:

Whatever happened to … Voyager?

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