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Few musical acts can lay claim to such dynamic and consistent evolution as Blu Mar Ten.

Formed in the big-bang of 90′s drum & bass and regular faces at Rage, Metalheadz Sessions, Speed & AWOL, Blu Mar Ten were rapidly spotted by LTJ Bukem and signed to Good Looking Records, cementing their position in the genre as originators of complex, atmospheric music.

BMT - Producer 03
BMT – Producer

They quickly grew and mutated beyond the confines of the jungle into lush experimentation with downtempo, ambient, house, breaks, techno & left-field for labels such as Naked Music, TCR, Guidance and Big Chill, with another two full albums of non-d&b material on Exceptional Records.

BMT - Six Million Names Of God
Six Million Names Of God

Returning to drum & bass, Blu Mar Ten released a string of tracks on Hospital Records, Med School, Renegade Hardware, Shogun Audio, 31 Records, Tangent and many more.

2009 saw the establishment of their own Blu Mar Ten Music label with the Natural History album project. The LP delivered an incredibly wide range of drum & bass tracks from the deeply abstract to the unashamedly dancefloor, all bearing Blu Mar Ten’s trademark stamp of quality and augmented with remixes from Klute, Seba, Stray, Bop, Kastle & Badmammal.

BMT - Natural History
Natural History

In 2011 Blu Mar Ten delivered their second album on BMT Music Love is the Devil achieving widespread critical acclaim and chart success. 2012 has seen a series of remixes from Love is the Devil featuring dBridge, Marcus Intalex, BCee, Sunchase, Joe Syntax, Unquote & Sincopate.

BMT - Love Is The Devil
Love Is The Devil

As well as working on their new album and maintaining a busy international DJ schedule, Blu Mar Ten are now opening Blu Mar Ten Music to a host of fresh young talent emerging from the leftfield of Drum & Bass.

Blu Mar Ten Music logo
Blu Mar Ten Music

Blu Mar Ten have remixed:

Erykah Badu, Annie Lennox, Alicia Keys, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Jakatta, Tom Middleton, Bop, The Ananda Project, Doc Scott, Fink, Blame, Kubiks & Lomax.

Blu Mar Ten have been remixed by:

Marcus Intalex, dBridge, Bcee, Sunchase, Tom Middleton, Joe Syntax, Unquote, Cicada, Fink, Rennie Pilgrem, Terry Lee Brown Jr, Nor Elle, Sabre, Blame, Seba, Klute, Bop, Kastle, Stray, Badmammal, Social Security, Kubiks.

Blu Mar Ten music receives DJ support from:

London Elektricity, Marky, Friction, D Bridge, Hype, Futurebound, Teebee, Klute, Instra:mental, Marcus Intalex, Ed Rush, Logistics, Nicky Blackmarket, LTJ Bukem, Doc Scott, John B, A Sides, Alleycat, Annie Nightingale, Apex, ASC, Bcee, Big Bud, Chris SU, Craggz, Crissy Criss, Data, DKay, Eleven8, Enei, Ink, Joe Syntax, Lomax, Loxy, Lynx, Makoto, Mosus, Mutated Forms, Nerm & D-Kode, Nookie, Seba, Spectrasoul, SPY, Stray, Tom Middleton, Ulterior Motive, Utah Jazz, Rennie Pilgrem, Pete Tong, Felix da Housecat, Eddy Temple Morris, Ben Watt, Carl Cox, Lee Burridge, Erol Alkan, Howie B and Mary Anne Hobbs and many more.

Count To Ten
Count To Ten

In strict chronological order ten of Blu Mar Ten’s finest moments are demonstrated below:

  1. Blu Mar Ten Futureproof (b/w Slipstream, Good Looking Records, GLR021, 1997)
  2. Blu Mar Ten – Adrift On Deep Water (EARTHLP002, EARTH Records, 1997)
  3. Blu Mar Ten Butterflies and Moths (b/w Osaka, 720 Degrees, 720 003, 1998)
  4. Blu Mar Ten  – I’m Still Waiting (b/w Tea & Sympathy, ISW, ISW001, 2001)
  5. Blu Mar Ten – Apnea (Six Million Names Of God LP, Exceptional, EXLP0304, 2003)
  6. Doc Scott vs Blu Mar Ten – Shadow Boxing remix (Shadow Boxing ep, 31 Records, 31R032, 2007)
  7. Architex vs Blu Mar TenAltitude (remix) (b/w Altitude – original mix by Architex, Basement Records, BRSS071, 2007)
  8. Blu Mar Ten – Above Words (b/w Close, Blu Mar Ten Music, BMT001, 2009)
  9. Blu Mar Ten   All Thoughts Are Prayers (Love Is The Devil LP, Blu Mar Ten Music, BMTCD002, 2011
  10. Blu Mar Ten – Last Life In The Universe (Blood Pressure Compilation, Med School, MEDIC27CD, 2012)

A mini interview from the recent past with Chris Marigold of Blu Mar Ten sharing some personal trivia for the blog can be found here:

Blu Mar Ten Jump The Q

An extended discography, reviews and everything Blu Mar Ten can be found at the following links:


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Other Links:

Blu Mar Ten official site
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