Endemic Void Jumps the Q

A mini-interview with 22 short questions (some personal, some tricky) looking for equally short answers, addressed to artists, producers, promoters, djs, friends and affiliates of the blog in general.

Today Endemic Void Jumps the Q

Let’s get started:

Set 1: The man behind the mask

Q1: Favourite travel destination?

A1: Canary Islands

Q2: Favourite dish?

A2: Thai Curry

Q3: Favourite drink?

A3: Coffee

Q4: Dream car?

A4: Audi A5

Q5: Favourite movie?

A5: Fargo

Q6: Favourite sports team – domestic and international?

A6: West Ham UTD / England

Q7: Favourite pair of trainers?

A7: Yellow Nike waffle racers

Q8: Feared but not respected, or respected but not accepted?

A8: Respected but not accepted

Set 2: The man behind a set of decks

Q9: First record you bought?

A9: I just called to say I love you/ Stevie Wonder….. I think!

Q10: Most valuable record you own (sentimental value not financial)?

A10: Feelings by Airto Moriera & Flora Purim

Q11: Favourite piece of musical equipment?

A11: Mac

Q12: Favourite track (non genre-specific)?

A12: So many!!! Err….. Horizons by LTJ Bukem

Q13: Favourite label?

A13: So many!!!….. Ram

Q14: Favourite dj/artist/producer?

A14: Andy C

Q15: Track you wish it was yours?

A15: The Helicopter Tune by Deep Blue

Q16: Vinyl or digital?

A16: Vinyl

Set 3: The man behind the scenes

Q17: Favourite venue worldwide you have ever attended?

A17: Concrete Jungle – New York

Q18: Best live performance/dj set you have ever witnessed?

A18: Soil & Pimp sessions @ The Roundhouse

Q19: Worst live performance/dj set you have ever witnessed?

A19: Endemic void DJ set in Belgium (can’t remember the venue and don’t want to!!).

Q20: Dream line-up for a festival (5 names)?

A20: Airto/ Gary Wilson/ Doom/ Frankie Knuckles/ Loose Ends

Q21: If you had a magic eraser who would you extinguish from the musical map?

A21: N-Dubz

Q22: Future plans?

A22: Be happy 🙂

*Who is Endemic Void, bio, extended discography and links can be found here:

Whatever happened to … Endemic Void?

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