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Internal Affairs web radio show – S01E04 – Future Engineers special

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs web radio show is a side project of Godisnolongeradj. Hosted by Professor S (aka Godisnolongeradj) alongside partner DJ Sin, Internal Affairs is an effort to present a chronicle of the drum and bass history throughout the last two decades, emphasizing on the jazzy, atmospheric and mellower side of the jungle/drum and bass spectrum.

The show is already on its 3rd Season and is broadcasted every Monday live, from 20:00 to 22:00, Time zone: (UTC+03:00) on Radio Zografou GR

Future Engineers

The fourth episode of the first season of the show is dedicated to Future Engineers; a showcase of a wide spectrum of their discography from 1997 when their first release saw the light of day (The Silence b/w Shattered on Renegade Recordings, RR017) till the time of writing. A new release by Future Engineers on their own imprint Transference Recordings is highly anticipated soon!

Transference Recordings

A bio of Future Engineers and an all-time top ten is available on the thread:


The recording of the show without talkover:


1st hour (1900-2000)

  • Scarlet Lake – Into The Sun (Future Engineers remix) – Temple
  • Future Engineers – Counter Balance – Ascendant Grooves
  • Future Engineers – Shattered – Renegade
  • Future Engineers & KMC – 1st Magnitude – 720 degrees unreleased
  • Future Engineers – Organism – 720 degrees
  • Future Engineers – Voidcom – Nexus
  • Future Engineers – The Silence – Renegade
  • Future Engineers – Merge – Good Looking
  • Future Engineers – Tsunamis – Partisan
  • Future Engineers – Encryption – Nu Directions
  • Future Engineers – Transmissions – Temple

2nd hour (2000-2100)

  • Future Engineers – Vanishing Point – Good Looking
  • Future Engineers – Inscape – Transference
  • Electrosoul System – Grad (Future Engineers remix) – KOS.MOS Music
  • Future Engineers – Eden – Vibez
  • Future Engineers – Echo Location – Looking Good
  • Future Engineers – Eon – Covert Operations
  • Future Engineers – Night Trails (2003 original mix) – Camino Blue
  • Future Engineers & LM1 – Shape Of Things – Soul Deep
  • Future Engineers – Ellipse – Transference
  • Matizz – Through My Eyes (Future Engineers Re-Set) – Strictly Digital
  • Future Engineers – Dialect – Covert Operations
  • ICR – Two Steps Backwards (Future Engineers remix) – Camino Blue
  • Future Engineers – Side-Effects – Transference

Past recordings of the show:


Facebook group:


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