Audio Theory Records Launch – ATR001 – Cryogenics – Addictive EP

Audio Theory Records, an Athens-based digital label is all set for launch on September 7th, 2012. Covering a wide spectrum of the electronic dance music from ambient to drum and bass, Audio Theory Records (ATR) aspires to create serious waves in the emerging local scene, as well as establish a creative space for new domestic and international artists.

The first release (ATR001) is a 3-track ep entitled Addictive EP by Cryogenics and is due to be released on September 7th, 2012. Cryogenics is a well-established dj in the Greek drum and bass scene as well a radio host of the Haunted Science radio show and co-owner of Audio Theory Records. A full bio, as well as links and contact details are provided at the last section of the review.

ATR001 – Cryogenics – Addictive EP

1. Time Surfer

Time Surfer is an atmospheric track with haunting pads and broken chords, with clear influences from the Autonomic initiative. The use of an arpeggiator achieves a progressive bulding to the track creating an interesting rhythmic landscape.

The official promo video of Time Surfer:

2.The Runner

The second track of the ep is a dancefloor roller with a subtle female vocal sample used as a bridge to change the tempo creating a mesmerising atmosphere, while the bassline guarantees to keep you moving.

3. Addictive

The third track is the one after which the ep is named after. Rather more minimal than the other 2 tracks of the ep, with a huge sub bass kicking your stomach, it is dominated by the vocal sample taken from the “Underworld” movie in 2003. “It is the oldest story in the book; he desires the one thing he cannot have”. Say no more.

Forthcoming releases on Audio Theory Records:

[ATR002] Resonant Status – Trickster
[ATR003] Dukem – Galaxy EP
[ATR004] Mej – Arakis

*Cryogenics began collecting vinyls at the age of 13! Breakbeat, Hardcore and hip hop were his first influences. At the age of 16 he tried to spin his records playing at school parties. At the age of 18 he tried to make his first tunes. Some of them had a very good response from the Greek drum and bass audience.
In 1999 he met Requiem and some years later they stated to organize their own nights in Athens. 2006 was the year that Cryogenics met with Junior SP and from that moment on they started to engage in music production more seriously. Also, they launched series of events with local and foreign guest djs.
From 2011 Cryogenics & Requiem host their own ‘Haunted Science’ radio show ( till now!!!

Discography till today

Wishes & Regrets EP
Spaceal Orbeats Records

The Afterlife
V/A – Welcome to Neverland
Spaceal Orbeats Records

Heart of Silence – Hallucination (Cryogenics “Deep Cold” RMX)
Spaceal Orbeats Records

Cryogenics ft Beatride – Haunted Dream EP
Spaceal Orbeats Records

Αρτεμης – Λυκοσχημος Αμνός LP
with Junior Sp Athens

Cryogenics – Commonwealth Soldiers EP
Kraak Records


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