Count To Ten: Looking Good Records (LGR)

Looking Good Records (referred to as LGR onwards) was launched in 1995 as a sub-label of Good Looking Records. LGR has released to the time of writing 52 singles, 5 retrospective compilations under the title “Looking Back” containing tracks previously released as singles, as well as an unmixed 9-track compilation entitled “Visions” – available only in cd format – with contributions from various artists of the Good Looking Organisation roster. Focusing mainly on the atmospheric, mellower side of the drum and bass spectrum, the label has presented countless classics by some of the greatest artists in the scene including the likes of LTJ Bukem himself, Photek under his Aquarius moniker, Seba, PFM, Blu Mar Ten, ASC, Jason Greenhalgh of Total Science under the Hieroglyphix and Q Project aliases, a collaboration of Blame and Nookie under the New Balance moniker, The Invisible Man, Makoto, Artemis and Future Engineers to name a few. Many of the LGR releases have been also included in the various installments of the Progression Session series.

Several LGR classics have been intentionally omitted from the list below in an effort to illustrate the label’s evolution throughout the decade of its activity (1995 to 2004 when apparently the last release of LGR saw the light of day). Seminal tunes like Aquarius’ Drift To The Centre, Seba’s Connected, Planetary Funk Alert & Soul 2000, Future Engineers’ Time Shift, Universal’s Live Session, Axis’ Euphony, Paradox’s Uncertain Journey or fellow-Greek Intersperse’s Equanimity would probably make it in anyone’s list.

In strict chronological order ten of LGR’s finest moments are demonstrated below:

  1. LTJ Bukem – Horizons (b/w Rain Fall, LGR001, 1995)
  2. PFM – One & Only (b/w Dreams, LGR003, 1995)
  3. Seba & Lo Tek – So Long (b/w Sonic Winds, LGR005, 1995)
  4. Blu Mar Ten – Global Access (b/w Myriad, LGR015, 1998)
  5. KMC – System (b/w Too High by Rantoul, LGR023, 1999)
  6. Sonic Generation – Absolute Magnitude (b/w Cosmic Journey, LGR028, 2000)
  7. Nu Moon – Origins (b/w Natural, LGR030, 2000)
  8. Pariah – Skyline (b/w Search for Life, LGR036, 2001)
  9. Rantoul – Defalt (b/w Lakez by J-Laze, LGR041, 2002)
  10. Laroque – Sublime Intervention (b/w What To Do by Makoto, LGR052W, 2004)

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