Cryogenics (Haunted Science, Audio Theory Records, Spaceal Orbeats, Kraak Records) Jumps the Q

Jump the Q

A mini-interview with 22 short questions (some personal, some tricky) looking for equally short answers, addressed to artists, producers, promoters, djs, friends and affiliates of the blog in general.

Today Cryogenics (Haunted Science, Audio Theory Records, Spaceal Orbeats, Kraak Reecords) Jumps the Q

Let’s get started:

Set 1: The man behind the mask

  • Q1: Favourite travel destination?

A1: Amorgos island, Greece

  • Q2: Favourite dish?

A2: Beef in tomato sauce

  • Q3: Favourite drink?

A3: Black Rum

  • Q4: Dream car?

A4: Porsche 911 Carrera

  • Q5: Favourite movie?

A5: The Crow

  • Q6: Favourite sports team – domestic and international?

A6: Panathinaikos / Los Angeles Lakers

  • Q7: Favourite pair of trainers?

A7: Nike Air Jordan series VII

  • Q8: Feared but not respected, or respected but not accepted?

A8: Respected but not accepted

Set 2: The man behind a set of decks

  • Q9: First record you bought?

A9: Wind it Up by the Prodigy

  • Q10: Most valuable record you own (sentimental value not financial)?

A10: Metalheads – Inner City Life (FFRR)

  • Q11: Favourite piece of musical equipment?

A11: My PC

  • Q12: Favourite track (non genre-specific)?

A12: Odyssey – Expressions (720 Degrees)

  • Q13: Favourite label?

A13: Metalheadz

  • Q14: Favourite dj/artist/producer?

A14: Qbert / Liam Howlett / The Prodigy

  • Q15: Track you wish it was yours?

A15: Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death

  • Q16: Vinyl or digital?

A16: Digital

Set 3: The man behind the scenes

  • Q17: Favourite venue worldwide you have ever attended?

A17: Braff Bar (122), Athens

  • Q18: Best live performance/dj set you have ever witnessed?

A18: Moby @ Eject Festival Athens, June 2011 / Fabio @ Luv Club Athens, May 2006

  • Q19: Worst live performance/dj set you have ever witnessed?

A19: A True Playaz night @ Fabric London (unspecified date)

  • Q20: Dream line-up for a festival (5 names)?

A20: Ninja Tunes vs Mo’ wax (90s rosters)

  • Q21: If you had a magic eraser who would you extinguish from the musical map?

A21: Urban Shakedown (Aphrodite & Mickey Finn)

  • Q22: Future plans?

A22: Carry on with music production, the Haunted Science radio show I host alongside Greg Requiem and promotion of new talents on Audio Theory (the label I co-own focused on digital releases).

Haunted Science mix – June 2012

*Cryogenics began collecting vinyls at the age of 13! Breakbeat, Hardcore and hip hop were his first influences. At the age of 16 he tried to spin his records playing at school parties. At the age of 18 he tried to make his first tunes. Some of them had a very good response from the Greek drum and bass audience.
In 1999 he met Requiem and some years later they stated to organize their own nights in Athens. 2006 was the year that Cryogenics met with Junior SP and from that moment on they started to engage in music production more seriously. Also, they launched series of events with local and foreign guest djs.
From 2011 Cryogenics & Requiem host their own ‘Haunted Science’ radio show ( till now!!!

Discography till today

Wishes & Regrets EP
Spaceal Orbeats Records

The Afterlife
V/A – Welcome to Neverland
Spaceal Orbeats Records

Heart of Silence – Hallucination (Cryogenics “Deep Cold” RMX)
Spaceal Orbeats Records

Cryogenics ft Beatride – Haunted Dream EP
Spaceal Orbeats Records

Αρτεμης – Λυκοσχημος Αμνός LP
with Junior Sp Athens

Cryogenics – Commonwealth Soldiers EP
Kraak Records


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