Junior SP Jumps the Q

Jump the Q

A mini-interview with 22 short questions (some personal, some tricky) looking for equally short answers, addressed to artists, producers, promoters, djs, friends and affiliates of the blog in general.

Today Junior SP Jumps the Q

Let’s get started:

Set 1: The man behind the mask

Q1: Favourite travel destination?

A1: Pelion Mt. Greece

Q2: Favourite dish?

A2: Any Greek dish involving roasted meat

Q3: Favourite drink?

A3: Diet Coke

Q4: Dream car?

A4: Aston Martin DB9

Q5: Favourite movie?

A5: Anything from Al Pacino’s classics

Q6: Favourite sports team – domestic and international?

A6: Olympiakos / Chicago Bulls 90’s dynasty series (Toni Kukoc included)

Q7: Favourite pair of trainers?

A7: Nike Air Jordan VI

Q8: Feared but not respected, or respected but not accepted?

A8: Respected but not accepted

Set 2: The man behind a set of decks

Q9: First record you bought?

A9: Metallica – Ride the Lightning

Q10: Most valuable record you own (sentimental value not financial)?

A10: A rare recording of Greek music inherited from my uncle

Q11: Favourite piece of musical equipment?

A11: Technics SL-1200 MKII

Q12: Favourite track (non genre-specific)?

A12: LTJ Bukem – Music (Good Looking Records)

Q13: Favourite label?

A13: It has to be Good Looking Records, for a number of reasons

Q14: Favourite dj/artist/producer?

A14: LTJ Bukem / Cavalera Bros / James Lavelle

Q15: Track you wish it was yours?

A15: Giorgio Moroder – Tears, The Cure – A Forest, New Order – True Faith

Q16: Vinyl or digital?

A16: No particular preference, vinyl for older releases, digital for contemporary ones

Set 3: The man behind the scenes

Q17: Favourite venue worldwide you have ever attended?

A17: Amiteatro, Athens

Q18: Best live performance/dj set you have ever witnessed?

A18: Live 1 – New Order @ Ejekt Festival Athens, June 2006

         Live 2 – Metallica @ Terravibe Athens, July 2007

         DJ Set – LTJ Bukem, Alsos Club Athens, December 1994

Q19: Worst live performance/dj set you have ever witnessed?

A19: Live – Jarvis Cocker @ Ejekt Festival Athens, June 2009

         DJ Set – Fatboy Slim @ Terravibe, Rockwave Festival Athens, July 2010

Q20: Dream line-up for a festival (5 names)?

A20: Original Sepultura line-up, Jean Michel Jarre, Michael Jackson, Eric B & Rakim, U.N.K.L.E second incarnation (James Lavelle vs DJ Shadow)

Q21: If you had a magic eraser who would you extinguish from the musical map?

A21: All cheesy pop boy bands

Q22: Future plans?

A22: Moving behind the scenes (management / production-wise) as well as future events with Innersense productions

Junior Sp biography

 Born in Athens in 1976, Junior SP. spent his early years listening and comprehending the main elements from music like Breakbeat, Hardcore and Ambient. Focusing his taste and interest into all kinds of music involving breaks, he began collecting and spinning rare vinyl even for that time, in the early 90’s.

While already DJing since 1992, his “official” career as a DJ and Promoter began in 1994, being a resident DJ and one of the co-founders of one of the most successful series of dance events in the Greek dance culture, called “Infinity”, based at the legendary club “Alsos”, mainly spreading out the sound of Drum ‘n’ Bass, which at that time was almost unknown for Greece.

As a resident DJ at Infinity he had the chance of playing next to DJ’s like LTJ Bukem, Ray Keith and Doc Scott. Meanwhile, he developed a close co-operation and friendship with the – at that time – upcoming LTJ Bukem, with whom Infinity ended its life cycle in January 1996.

Through the whole summer of the same year, Junior SP. also represented the top Greek party series, Sunrise Zone, as a resident DJ in its tour throughout Greece.

 In November 1996 there was the beginning of a new era, as Junior SP. created Innersense, with one and only goal; spreading out the sound of Drum ‘n’ Bass.

Junior SP. has performed alongside the most important Drum ‘n’ Bass and Breaks artists worldwide, such as The Prodigy, Kosheen, Adam Freeland, LTJ Bukem, Goldie, Fabio, Grooverider, Photek, Randall, Doc Scott, Marcus Intalex, D-Bridge, Bryan Gee, Klute, J-Majik, Blame, Total Science, Utah Jazz and alongside the best D’n’B MC’s such as Conrad, Stamina, Darrison, Shylo, Deeizm, 2Shy. Through his Innersense events but also through a myriad of other parties to which Junior SP. has attended as a guest, Drum ‘n’ Bass has appeared to all the respective and recognizable Greek clubs.

But the best was yet to come. Starting in November 2004 and concluding in June 2005, Junior SP. set out to establish Drum’n’Bass in Greece for good, presenting his monthly “Drum & Bass” events series, hosting sequentially : Fabio, Marcus Intalex, D-Bridge, Bryan Gee, Klute and saving the best for last…Ltj Bukem, MC Conrad and Junior SP. became the next artists ( after Tiesto on the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony ) to perform inside the Metropolis of The Olympic Games; The Athens Olympic Stadium (O.A.K.A.), as the opening act for the prestigious, worldwide broadcasted World Rally Championship Super Special Race held in Athens in June 2005, causing the media to turn their focus in this “strange accelerated beats music”.

Having surpassed a decade as a Drum ‘n’ Bass dj and promoter, and looking stronger than ever at that point, Junior SP. set out to present new projects.

One of them was his first attempt as a producer, through his collaboration with Milto eph, which concluded into a major contribution creating the “Timeless Playground” LP, released through the prestigious Greek label “Klik Records” in February 2005. Full of Rare Groove, Funk, Breakbeat, Trip Hop and of course Drum ‘n’ Bass, the album received the best reviews and was included in the Top 30 Albums of 2005 by “Pop & Rock” Greek magazine.

 Catching up in most recent history, the events just kept on coming…From early 2006 and up until today, he has hosted Fabio, Goldie, Randall, Doc Scott, SKC, Future Engineers, Makoto, Tayla, Nookie…An endless Drum’n’Bass list accompanied by top quality Breaks/Freestyle artists such as Adam Freeland, Joey Beltram, Bugz In The Attic, Kid Loco, Phil Asher, MixHell (Iggor Cavalera & Laima Leyton) either as “Innersense” or as “Funky! Earth Bar” which (did we forget to mention?) he co-owned during December 2005 – December 2009.

 His latest productions which saw the light of day were those for one of the best Greek Hardcore Hip Hop Artists, “Artemis” (co-founder of Terror X Crew and Artemis – Efthimis), included in his solo album entitled “Wolf-Shaped Lamb”, released in December 2011.

 Junior SP. is currently working on new projects with fellow producer “Cryogenics”, while keeping his ears open for a variety of collaborations.

 Now, the same man that began making events and has been spreading the ‘disease’ of Breaks & Drum ‘n’ Bass for 20 whole years, this is the exact same man that is feeling he has done so much but then again nothing comparing to his vision…Still a soldier.







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